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We would like to introduce to you the new surf foil from Konrad boarding named the "FLYR". A year of development has seen many prototypes and extensive testing. The end result is a product that is easy to ride with moderate lift and high performance turning capabilities. The FLYR will suit any surfer wanting to paddle in on prone, SUP foil and even kite at low speeds.

Coupled with the GLIDR board this foil will allow your wave count to go through the roof!

FLYR Stats

  • Wing size 1330cm2.
  • Hydrodynamically correct fuse.
  • Solid insert style fuse to wing mount for torsional stiffness.
  • Carbon composite lightweight wings.
  • Alloy base mount, mast and fuse.
  • Slotted base mount for quick foil from board removal.
  • Strong and light construction (4.2kg with 60cm mast).
  • Mast size 60cm.
  • Optional extra mast sizes available 70cm, 80cm and 90cm.
  • Torx head screws.
  • Loose turns for true surf feel.