NALU N2 Body Boards

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Product Information
  • Materials: Fusion EPS Core, IXL Light Deck, LD Slick
  • Features: 50/50 Double Rails, Graduated Channels, Crescent Tail, Fuse moulded shape, Graphic Slick, Leash and plug.
  • The ideal "first bodyboard" or for those who just want a quality product to go for a wave on through summer.
  • The N2 has a fuse-moulded shape to make sure every board comes out identical. The EPS core is light weight and waterproof. Compared to the N1, this board has double rails, as well as Nose and Tail bumpers to give it a bit of extra strength and durability.
  • All colourways come with a Graphic Slick
  • Available in 34, 36, 38, 40 and 42 inches